A Timely Newsletter from iMaven

Written by iMaven

iMaven provides a dynamic platform enabled by machine learning and matching algorithms to provide employers access to vetted, specialised recruiters to help them fill crucial jobs in an increasingly poor candidate market.

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In the newsletter, we focus on how technology assists us in the hiring process, but how not to forget the human touchpoints.

iMaven is a technology-based online platform which provides a seamless experience for hiring teams and recruiters and in turn, candidates alike.

Vital tools like iMaven, free-up time to focus on the “human” aspect of your role, and with iMaven you are given access to the best talent via recruiters.

If you are yet to try iMaven, ask yourself:

Is your process seamless?
Are you comfortable with your HR tech systems?
Are they set up to scale fast?
Do you have agile interviewing and assessment solutions?

Don’t forget: communication brings trust and a sense of purpose to your teams to carry your organisation through trying times. The race for talent is on and we must put people at the heart of our strategy.

iMaven will let you do this.

I hope you enjoy this edition.