Hiring a Recruiter is just like dating!

Hiring a Recruiter

Written by iMaven

iMaven provides a dynamic platform enabled by machine learning and matching algorithms to provide employers access to vetted, specialised recruiters to help them fill crucial jobs in an increasingly poor candidate market.

Imagine your first date with a recruiter! The excitement of getting ready, the extra effort you put into your appearance, filled with nerves, eager to make a good impression.

Now the first date! You get to know each other. You will be showing off your best qualities to get your date to fall head over heels for you. You talk business needs, the recruiter romances you with capabilities, you talk timeframes, the recruiter promises excellent turnover times for candidates, you promise to be responsive in setting up interviews, recruiter promises only the best candidates, you talk budget, the recruiter accepts a discounted fee because they hope once they dance with you a few times, you will see how good they are and maybe they can charge a bit more! A match made in heaven you think.?!

A few months down the line, as things go when the honeymoon phase wears off…, everyone becomes a bit complacent – you flick the recruiter when they call because last time they didn’t send the best candidates for your urgent job, you didn’t get to look at the resumes for a few days and as a result the one candidate you may have wanted, took another job! You feel the fee doesn’t equate to what you are receiving from the recruiter. We’ve all been there!

Now what do you do? You repeat the process and start again! The dancing continues and hopefully next time a better outcome. But this process is tiresome and unproductive and a big waste of your time.

This is where iMaven can help. Let us romance the recruiters to find the best ones that can tango, salsa, waltz and even the two-step to place them at your disposal when you need them.

Imagine, you post a job with all your specific requirements anonymously and you have specialised recruiters respond to your job within 24 hours. Then when you pick the best ones you want to engage with after reading their specialist profiles, you can have a chat and they start sending you candidates. They come to you and save you time and resources and ultimately you are assured of the best employees available for your company, every time.

This process is smooth and easy to work and best of all, you get to rate the recruiters on their performance and quality of candidates, so they always put their best dancing foot forward because they know their reputation is on the line. No room for complacency and no need to keep repeating the whole dating headache.