Empowering Your Hiring Managers for Successful Recruiting

Written by iMaven

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In today’s workplace it is extremely important that the hiring managers and the organisation’s HR or recruiters both have the tools needed to work collaboratively.  Aligning hiring managers on job skill requirements and behaviours required for success in the role, is the foundation in empowering the hiring team to make the right decision. When we can agree on what the job demands, we can prioritise the candidates we interview based on fit, not bias. This sets the hiring team up for success before they even enter the room to interview potential employees.

Building successful teams is not easy. Recruiting employees takes valuable time. But getting the right people in the right seats is critical for business growth. A vacant role or bad hire is just too costly. The trick is to work smarter not harder by developing a strategic, streamlined recruiting process to get the greatest return.

The Rising Need for Empowering the Hiring Managers

Surprisingly, more of the companies and recruiters don’t examine if their hiring managers are doing their job effectively. There are many metrics companies focus on including number of hires, time taken to fill the vacant position, cost or time specific retention.

There is just one real measure of the success of a recruitment process, how well the people hired actually perform. However, it takes time to determine if the hire is actually a good performer or not. Measuring the performance also implies that an organisation has to have a process for determining performance and a way to evaluate each employee. Only a few of organisations have the system that actually empowers the hiring managers through continuous training, on-going assessment and performance measurement and delegation of more responsibilities as per the performance, in order to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process. 

What is meant by “Empowering the Hiring Managers”? 

Providing your hiring managers with the opportunity to design the strategy and polish their skills, Maximises the outcomes of the recruitment process.

Businesses need the innovative processes, technology and tools that are specifically developed for the hiring managers to ensure that they are working collaboratively and hiring the best talent. This may include candidate-oriented websites, mobile- applications and other resources to hire the best people with the performance potential. 

The Collaborative Recruiting Process Leads to the Empowerment

The most successful businesses involve multiple members in their hiring team, from their hiring managers to recruiters. These members must work collaboratively on the personality-fit, team-fit and an overall application of the candidates. Collaborative hiring not just results in a timely discussion about any candidate being considered, but it also elevates the efficiency of the process significantly by empowering the hiring managers to discuss and make a well supported decision. 

Why Hiring Managers’ Empowerment is Necessary?

For an optimal outcome it is necessary to have the hiring managers connected with the talent acquisition process constantly to ensure that they are across every stage of the recruiting process. It is important that the communication about the specific needs and expectations for the job is clear. The hiring manager must be very open with the recruiters or the organisation about the desired employee characteristics. The hiring manager must be empowered to communicate these expectations with recruiters or the organisation throughout the recruiting process to make sure the right candidates ae intervaried and the best one hired.

There are three key groups that account for empowering the hiring managers and guarantees top talent hires. Each of these members of the recruitment process must feel empowered enough to contribute in the process. Their roles include:

  • Hiring Managers become “The workforce developers”
  • Recruiters become “The recruitment marketers”
  • Employees become “The brand ambassadors”

Re-framing the role of each member of the recruiting process is a great start to empower the entire team since it ensures that all members know what is expected from them and what they should strive to do on a continuous basis. It is also important to define how each of the roles collaborates and communicates with one another and candidates.

There should always be a continuous open line of communication between all parties. 

The Bottom Line

Organisations and HR departments must empower the hiring managers with resources to hire the best talent through a successful, effective and an efficient recruiting process.