RCSA Australia and New Zealand – Preferred Partner Announcement

Written by iMaven

iMaven provides a dynamic platform enabled by machine learning and matching algorithms to provide employers access to vetted, specialised recruiters to help them fill crucial jobs in an increasingly poor candidate market.


RCSA recently announced it’s new partnership with us, in their words “Australian based recruitment marketplace iMaven”.

The recruitment industry is changing rapidly with new technologies being introduced almost daily to help recruiters work smarter in this digital, online world.  Marketplaces are not a new concept when you think of Uber, eBay and Compare the Market. The concept is simple: put qualified jobs in front of the best, specialised recruiters in each category and they choose to accept or decline a job on their terms.

Before COVID there were more than 7,300 agencies in Australia, all vying for employer attention. In an increasingly time-poor world, how much time do you waste chasing employers who have other priorities?

By subscribing to iMaven’s marketplace, recruiters will save up to 30% on business development costs, gain at least 400 hours per year more to focus on candidate attraction strategies which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

By providing a dynamic, flexible online platform where recruiters can manage their terms and conditions based on current market conditions and candidate availability, iMaven provides recruiters with the opportunity to get paid for the work they put in for every job and at the same time, educate hiring managers about the current market expectations.

To find out more about how iMaven can complement your recruitment strategy and help you to access more jobs, please email Nitha Coetzer at nitha@imaven.com.au.