Recruitment Metrics that are worth Measuring for Success

Written by iMaven

iMaven provides a dynamic platform enabled by machine learning and matching algorithms to provide employers access to vetted, specialised recruiters to help them fill crucial jobs in an increasingly poor candidate market.

If you haven’t thought about the value of measuring the effectiveness of your recruitment, it’s about time you started. Most companies do not know why they should measure or what to measure.

To help you we have created this informative download to help walk you through the recruitment metrics that matter.

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In this guide we outline and explain: 

  • Why you should measure
  • What to measure
  • How to measure

The Eight Key Metrics

  1. Candidate Application Rate
  2. Interviews per Hire
  3. Cost per Hire
  4. Fill Rate
  5. Quality of Hire
  6. Retention Rates
  7. Time to Hire
  8. Turnover Rate

In our platform iMaven’s we have dynamic reporting which provides flexible data which can be adapted on a company level to measure what is required by each company.

From the candidate application rate right through to the turnover rate, you can access all the metrics which will allow you to make budget and hiring decisions based on real time data
and reports.

iMaven provides access to additional marketplace intelligence around salary expectations, recruitment fees, available candidates per sector, geography and role

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